AM-15 Skeleton, 16″ 5.56 – A2 With Front Sight


The AM-15 Skeleton, 16″ 5.56 – A2 With Front Sight is Complete With The Following:

  • AM-15 Stripped Lower Receiver
  • Lower Parts Kit – No  Pistol Grip
  • AM-15 Buffer Tube Kit – Carbine Length
  • AM-15 Stripped Upper Receiver
  • AM-15 Upper Parts Kit
  • AM-15 Bolt Carrier Group – .223
  • AM-15 Charging Handle
  • 5.56 16″ M4 Barrel, Assembled Front Sight – Carbine Length
  • AM-15 Gas Tube – Carbine Length
  • A2 Barrel Nut Kit
  • FFL Required For Purchase

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AM-15 Skeleton, 16″ 5.56 – A2 With Front Sight is broke down for you to customize to your wants and needs! We left off the Pistol Grip, and Buttstock so you can add what furniture you want!  The AM-15 Skeleton, 16″ 5.56 – A2 With Front Sight comes chambered in .223/5.56 with a 16” M4 contour barrel with a 1-8 twist and comes with a front sight base installed with the M4 style barrel nuts. Comes with the following parts already assembled for you: AM-15 Stripped Lower Receiver; Lower Parts Kit – No Fire Control Group & Pistol Grip; AM-15 Buffer Tube Kit – Carbine Length; AM-15 Stripped Upper Receiver; AM-15 Upper Parts Kit; AM-15 Bolt Carrier Group – .223; AM-15 Charging Handle; 5.56 16″ M4 Barrel, Assembled Front Sight – Carbine Length; Flash Hider, A2 Kit – 5.56 1/2-28; AM-15 Gas Block, Standard Height – .750, With Picatinny; AM-15 Gas Tube – Carbine Length; A2 Barrel Nut Kit.

The AM-15 Stripped Lower Receiver is American made with superior quality for less! Our lower Receivers are CNC machined from a high-strength, 7075 T6 aluminum forging for reliable performance and outstanding durability. Machined to Military Specifications & Standards and marked “Multi-Cal” to be used with multiple calibers on the AR-15 platform. This Lower Receiver comes in type III black hard anodize, and an Open Trigger. Don’t over pay for the same lower receiver with a different logo and use your money saved elsewhere on your build! Pair this with one of our Upper Receivers for a solid fit for your AM-15 build!

The Lower Parts Kit for AM-15  includes the following: Bolt Catch (1), Bolt Catch Plunger (1), Bolt Catch Roll Pin (1), Bolt Catch Spring (1), Buffer Retainer (1), Retainer Spring (1), Magazine Catch (1), Magazine Catch Button (1), Magazine Catch Spring (1), Pivot Pin (1), Pivot/Takedown Pin Detent (2), Pivot/Takedown Pin Detent Spring (2), Safety Selector (1), Safety Selector Detent (1), Safety Selector Detent Spring (1), Takedown Pin (1), Trigger Guard (1), Trigger Guard Roll Pin (1).

The Mil Spec Buffer Tube Kit includes the following: 6 Position Buffer Tube, End Plate & Castle Nut, Carbine Length Buffer and Spring (Music Wire). This kit is compatible with the AR-15 Platform.

The AM-15 Stripped Upper Receiver is machined from 7075 T6 Aluminum forging. Featuring M4 feed ramps, this upper receiver is machined to Military Specifications & Standards and can be used with multiple calibers on the AR-15 platform. This upper receiver comes in type III hard coat black anodize. Match this Upper with one of our Lower Receivers for a solid fit for your AM-15 build.

The AM-15 Upper Receiver Parts Kit includes the following: Ejection Port Cover Assembly, and Forward Assist Assembly.

The M16 5.56/.223/ .300 AAC Complete Bolt and Carrier Group is Phosphate coated and Chrome Lined. The Carrier is made from 8620 steel, and the Bolt is made from 9310 steel and Phosphate coated,  MPI Tested. The 223 Bolt and Bolt Carrier Assembly comes complete with Cam Pin, Firing Pin and Firing Pin Retainer.

The AM-15 Charging handle is the standard AR-15 charging handle. This charging handle is only for the AR-15 platform.

The 16″ 5.56 NATO M4 barrel is the perfect barrel to start your next build and add to your AM-15 collection. This barrel is made from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel with a Parkerized finish. Featuring a carbine length gas system with a .750″ gas port and a 1:8 twist. Comes with an A2 Front Sight Base With Sling Swivel, A2 M4 Notched Hand Guard Cap, & A2 Barrel Nut. This barrel provides top accuracy and precision for your 5.56 build.

The Carbine Length Gas Tube is Made From 304 Stainless Steel and is 9.75″ long. Compatible With the AR-15 Platform

Barrel Nut Kit for A2 style. This kit includes Delta Ring, Snap Ring, A2 Barrel Nut and Weldon Spring.


A Federal Firearms License (FFL) is required to purchase this item.

Click here to submit FFL or you can

Email your FFL to [email protected] 

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 6 × 3 in


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