Anderson Elite LW-M, Receiver Set, White


Receiver, Upper, AM-15, Standard, Lightweight, Unfinished-White
Receiver, Lower, AM-15, Open, Semi-Auto, Multi-Cal, Lightweight, Unfinished-White, Upper features forward assist and dust cover options, not installed.

” Added upper tension screw 1/4-28 set screw machined and installed under the rear lug to eliminate slop between the upper and lower receivers. The screw can be adjusted with an 1/8″ Allen wrench. Tension screw is installed/removed through the top of the lower. It is suggested that the screw should be removed for baked on finishes to avoid damage to the nylon tip.

” Threaded rear takedown pin hole #4-40 ***screw not included*** ( The #4-40 screw is not included with the lower as this is an optional end user step and the spring for the pin will need to be trimmed to accommodate the length of the screw when installed.)

” Enlarged magwell chamfer (flare)
” Radius transition from trigger guard slot to trigger area
” Radius rear trigger guard lugs
” Thread grip screw hole all the way through
” Improved machine deburring

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Anderson Elite LW-M, Receiver Set, White, AM-15


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in


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