Oak Ridge Laboratories: RF85 Proven to Work

Oak Ridge is the largest science and energy laboratory in the world, operated by the US Department of Energy. Oak Ridge is home of several of the world’s top super computers and a leading science and nuclear energy research facility. Founded in 1942 by the US Army as part of the Manhattan project, Oak Ridge developed the first atomic bomb. Currently Oak Ridge has an annual budget of over one and a half billion dollars and are renowned for their testing facilities.

Oak Ridge tested the Anderson Rifle and compared the RF85 rifle with absolutely no lubrication to the same rifle without RF85 but with normal lube. Oak Ridge found that the RF85 treatment produced:

  • 85% less friction
  • 23% faster action (cycle time 83 ms vs 108ms)
  • Anderson Rifle with RF85 never needs oiling
  • RF85 treated rifles clean up with only soap and water, no harsh solvents required

You can learn more about RF85 here: www.rf85.com